Beginners' Course

The Beginners’ Course is a great way to learn the basics of archery and to start your journey towards a Blue! The course runs from Week 2 to Week 8 of Michaelmas Term each year. We are only able to run one course a year so make sure not to miss it! New novices will not be accepted in Hilary Term.

Taster sessions

The club will be running free taster sessions in Week 1 of Michaelmas in the Old Sports Hall at the Iffley Road Sports Centre. These are open to Oxford University and Oxford Brookes students and staff. The session times for 2018 are:
Tuesday 9th Oct, 12.00-14.00
Thursday 11th Oct, 12.30-14.30
Friday 12th Oct, 06.30-08.30 (yes, early in the morning!)

Beginner's Course Session Times

The beginner's course will start in 2nd Week of Michaelmas term. The session times throughout the term will be:
Tuesdays, 12.00-14.00
Thursdays, 12.30-14.30
Fridays, 06.30-08.30
All indoor training sessions will take place at the Old Sports Hall. Due to high demand, for the first few weeks please attend only one of the sessions per week. Coaching from experienced members and a qualified coach will be available during each of these sessions.


In order to take part in the beginners' course you have to become a member of the club (from 2nd week), this is to make sure you are affiliated with ArcheryGB, the sport's National Governing Body. With this affiliation, you will also have liability insurance, which is a requirement to be allowed to shoot at all! Our current membership fee is £60 a year. If you are a novice you will also be charged £15 to offset some of the cost of the (highly subsidized) course. This includes use of all equipment, coaching over the seven weeks of the course as well as a free resistance band and finger sling which is yours to keep.
For reference, any other non-university club would charge you around £120 for less than we can offer you (and you would have to pay extra for any course!). You'll never be able to learn archery so cheaply after you leave Oxford. If you have any other questions, feel free to email a member of the Committee (see the Committee page) or come to a session and see us in action.


The basic aim is to get you shooting safely and proficiently, for you to be able to set up and take down equipment unsupervised, and, most importantly, to have fun. By the end of the course you will be competent enough to shoot completely unassisted and will be able to shoot at our 3 additional "experienced" sessions each week. We'll also aim to have you ready to face the exciting world of archery tournaments, with our first one of the year (with strong emphasis on novice participation, no matter how good you are) usually part of the BUTTS League, where we shoot against Cambridge, Loughborough, Derby, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Warwick and Birmingham.


Each week we'll be teaching something new, building on everything you have learned so far. Our experienced archers and a qualified coach will be at the sessions to guide you through the learning process. The content of the sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings will be the same. You only need to attend one session each week. Try to make it to one of the sessions every week, otherwise you might miss out on the training goals of that week!


No prior knowledge is assumed or required. Our only requirement is membership of the club. Enthusiasm always helps :) And if you are super keen, there are loads of online resources, e.g. YouTube, where you can learn more!


Try to avoid anything baggy around the arms and chest. Wearing flat shoes will greatly help with balance, so no heels/platforms.