Training Sessions

We train several times a week as a club. Most of our training sessions are free sessions where members will typically shoot competition rounds.

The club works with two professional archery coaches, who will be focusing on novice and experienced archers separately. Each coach typically attends one session per week, as noted in the schedule below.

Members who have completed the Beginners' Course are free to come to as many sessions as they like, though our indoor Sunday sessions are restricted to experienced archers for coaching. Novice archers may not shoot alone, and every session must be attended by an experienced archer. We ask that all members sign up for sessions on the facebook group to help coordinate this.

We ask that all members please be on time for sessions to help set up the range.

Indoor Season

In Michaelmas and Hilary terms, we shoot in the main sports hall at the Iffley Sports Complex. During Michaelmas, new archers will be attending the Beginners' Course, novice archers may attend training sessions under the supervision of an experienced archer or a coach.

Session times for Michaelmas 2021 are as follows.

Sunday14.30pm-18.00pmexperienced coaching (experienced archers only)
Tuesday10.30am-12.30pmbeginners' course
Thursday12.30pm-14.30pmbeginners' course
Friday6.30am-8.30ambeginners' course

Outdoor Season

Between Hilary and Trinity terms, we move outdoors. Session times and location will be announced later in the year.