The Committee



Committee for 2016-2017

The committee for 2016-2017 is as follows. If you have a specific question that is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact the relevant committee member.

PRESIDENT- Simon Eberz (St Cross) - president [at] oucofa [dot] com
Simon Eberz

Hi, I'm Simon and I'm the club's president for this year. I only started archery when I came to Oxford in 2013, which now seems like a lifetime ago. My job is to make sure that everything in the club is running smoothly, so if you have any comments (positive or negative) on how the club is run, please do let me know (find me at a session or send me an e-mail/carrier pigeon). In my spare time I'm doing a DPhil in Computer Science at St Cross.

SECRETARY- Callum Henfrey (Exeter) - secretary [at] oucofa [dot] com
Callum Henfrey

Hi I'm Callum, and I'm the OUCofA Secretary for 2016-17, as well as an undergraduate Biochemistry student at Exeter. This will be my third season at the club, starting as a novice back in 2014. If you have any questions about the club or suggestions for the committee, please feel free to email me. Alternatively you can find me at most sessions, especially fitness.

TREASURER- Elizabeth Carr (St John's) - treasurer [at] oucofa [dot] com
Elizabeth Carr

Heya guys, I'm Lizzie! I'm a fourth year reading Physics at John's, and this is my third year at the archery club. I am currently treasurer and the women's Blues captain; this means I get to be the one who hands out the checks and attends the Blues meetings. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or find me at the fitness sessions (maybe).

Social Secretary - Augustinas Silale (Univ)- augustinas.silale [at]
Augustinas Silale

Greetings, I'm August. I'm the club's social secretary together with Ellie for 2016-2017 (go team Martlets!). We are responsible for organizing social events during term time, including three annual black tie socials as well as trips to G&Ds. It is also part of my job to get to know new members and make sure they feel welcome, which I am very much looking forward to. I took up archery in 2015 - I'm a fresh graduate of the OUCofA novice course! When not shooting or socializing, I am doing a DPhil in Structural Biology at Univ.

Social Secretary - Ellie Jones (Univ) - ellen.jones [at]
Ellie Jones

Hi, my name’s Ellie and together with August, we are the OUCoA Social Secs for this year. We’re here to make sure that everyone has fun both on and off the archery range and will be organising, among other things, Annual Dinner and Fresher’s Drinks - get excited! I started archery in 2015 along with August and when not shooting I am a postgraduate student at Univ, studying Egyptology. Really looking forward to seeing you all at various sessions/socials throughout the year!

Novice Coaching Officer - Kirstie Smith (ex-Catz)
Kirstie Smith

Hi, I'm Kirstie, and I'm the Novice Coaching Officer! This means I organise and provide teaching for beginners in the club, and support you as you make the transition from 'can't hit a barn door' to master of the sport. I'm also the one who e-mails you every week with information about what you're going to learn. I was a novice in the club myself way back in 2010, and I've helped coach five generations of novices since, so I know what it's like and do I know a thing or two by now! If you have any questions about your teaching or want advice on anything that's mentioned in a novice session, then let me know and I'll sort you out. I used to study History at St Catz, since graduating I am now the Development Assistant at LMH.

Equipment Officer - Eléonore Cossade (Worcester)
Eleonore Cossade

Hi, I'm Eléonore and I'm the club's equipment officer. I make sure that everything is in working order and I try to keep the cupboard tidy! I did an MSc in Applied Linguistics at Worcester last year and I am now working in Oxford (teaching French). Do not hesitate to contact me with any archery-related questions, hopefully I will be able to help!

Coaching Officer - Nat Merry (Alumna, ex-Merton)
Nat Merry


Nat started her archery career at OUCofA oh-so-many years ago and is now our coaching officer (because nobody ever leaves Oxford). Even though it took her a few years of shooting barebow, she has turned to the dark side shooting compound (imagine a normal bow, but with training wheels). Nat does not usually speak of herself in the third person.
IT-Officer - Ciprian Zahan (ex-Magdalen)
Ciprian Zahan

Hi, I'm Ciprian, a Magdalen PPE alumnus that shot with the team in 2012-2015. At this point I'm more the 'old man' of the club than IT officer. I've been in London since I graduated doing my own thing, but you're still likely to catch me shooting at the club during the weekend and occasionally shooting/box coaching/judging at various BUCS and league tournaments. Feel free to come over and have a chat!