The Committee



Committee for 2017-2018

The committee for 2017-2018 is as follows. If you have a specific question that is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact the relevant committee member.

PRESIDENT- Augustinas Šilalė (Univ) - president [at] oucofa [dot] com
Augustinas Šilalė

I'm August, the club's President for 2018-2019, and also a final year DPhil student in Structural Biology at Univ. I took up archery as a fresher in 2015, and it has played a big part in my life at Oxford. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to give back to the club by serving on the Committee. Please contact me regarding any general enquiries, suggestions, comments.

SECRETARY- Callum Henfrey (Lincoln) - secretary [at] oucofa [dot] com
Callum Henfrey


TREASURER- Ellie Jones (Univ) - treasurer [at] oucofa [dot] com
Ellie Jones

Hey, I'm Ellie! I've been a member of the club for two years now and, when I'm not doing archery, I'm studying for a DPhil in Egyptology at Univ. This year I am the Treasurer and also Women's Captain so if you have any questions come find me at a session or at fitness!

Social Secretary - Jack Arthur (Keble)
Jack Arthur


Coaching Officer, Equipment Officer - Eléonore Cossade (ex-Worcester)
Eléonore Cossade

Hi, I'm Eléonore and I am one of the club's equipment officers. We make sure that everything is in working order and we try to keep the cupboard tidy! This is also my first year as coaching officer and I’ve been busy redesigning our beginners’ course before the term starts. I recently became a Level 1 Coach and will be working towards my Level 2 coaching qualification from October onwards. I’m a member of both OUCofA and Oxford Archers – where you will find a lot of OUCofA alumni! I did an MSc in Applied Linguistics at Worcester a few years ago and I am now working in Oxford (teaching French). Do not hesitate to contact me with any archery-related questions, hopefully I will be able to help!

Tournament Officer - Simon Eberz (St Cross)
Simon Eberz


Novice Coaching Officer - Patrick Kidger
Patrick Kidger

Hey, I'm Patrick! I first picked up archery when I joined the club a few years ago - these days it's my job to organise the novice coaching course that we run each Michaelmas. When I find some spare time around all the archery I like to be working on my DPhil in Mathematics!

Equipment Officer, IT Officer - Paul Vanetti (St Peter's)
Paul Vanetti