The Committee



Committee for 2017-2018

The committee for 2017-2018 is as follows. If you have a specific question that is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact the relevant committee member.

PRESIDENT- Callum Henfrey (Exeter) - president [at] oucofa [dot] com
Callum Henfrey

Hi I'm Callum, and I'm the OUCofA President for 2017-18, as well as an undergraduate Biochemistry student at Exeter. This will be my fourth season at the club, starting as a novice back in 2014. If you have any questions about the club or suggestions for the committee, please feel free to email me. Alternatively you can find me at most sessions except fitness.

SECRETARY- Augustinas Silale (Univ) - secretary [at] oucofa [dot] com
Augustinas Silale

I'm August and I'm the club's Secretary for 2017-2018. I'm doing a DPhil in Structural Biology at Univ. I started archery as a novice at OUCofA in 2015. Do send any queries my way and say hi at a session

TREASURER- Ellie Jones (Univ) - treasurer [at] oucofa [dot] com
Ellie Jones

Hey, I'm Ellie! I've been a member of the club for two years now and, when I'm not doing archery, I'm studying for a DPhil in Egyptology at Univ. This year I am the Treasurer and also Women's Captain so if you have any questions come find me at a session or at fitness!

Social Secretary - Phoebe Noble (New)- phoebe.noble [at]
Phoebe Noble


Hi I'm Phoebe, I joined OUCofA last year, so I can remember what it's like to be starting archery - if you have any questions, please come and say hi at a session! Chris and I are our social secretary's and we are looking forward to meeting you! Alongside archery, I'm studying maths at New College

Social Secretary - Christopher Slade (Keble) - christopher.slade [at]
Christopher Slade

Hey, I'm Chris and along with Phoebe, I'm one of the club's social secretaries! I'm currently in my fourth year studying Mathematics and Statistics at Keble. When I'm not shooting bows, I'm normally shooting air pistols with OUPC (Oxford University Pistol Club) or studying hard in the library. I started last year as a novice and have had a great time with the club and want to encourage more people to join our great community. If you have questions about anything - including socials or life as a novice, feel free to send me an email

Tournaments Officer - Lizzie Atherton (St Hilda's) - elizabeth.atherton [at]
Lizzie Atherton

Hey, I'm Lizzie and I'm the clubs Tournament's Officer this year. When I'm not shooting I'm an undergraduate chemist at St Hilda's. Feel free to contact me with anything competition related either via email or at most sessions/fitness.

Novice Coaching and Equipment Officer - Eleonore Cossade (ex-Worcester)
Eleonore Cossade

Hi, I'm Eléonore and I am one of the club's equipment officers. We make sure that everything is in working order and we try to keep the cupboard tidy! I am also this year's novice coaching officer and I will organise your beginner's course and ensure that we always have enough experienced archers on hand at novice sessions. I did an MSc in Applied Linguistics at Worcester last year and I am now working in Oxford (teaching French). Do not hesitate to contact me with any archery-related questions, hopefully I will be able to help!

Equipment Officer - Nasir Ahmad (St Hilda's)
Nasir Ahmad

Hi! I'm Nas and I act as one of the Equipment Officers for the club. Between trying to keep the equipment healthy and happy, I will be found tinkering with archery equipment and shooting arrows. Outside of archery, I am doing a DPhil in Computational Neuroscience and spend a lot of time coding. Feel free to email me or run up to me in a session and say hi. Always happy to help.

IT-Officer - Simon Eberz (St Cross)
Simon Eberz

Hi, I'm Simon and after two years as President I have retired as IT Officer. I've only taken up archery after coming to Oxford four years ago and I've been shooting with OUCofA ever since. My job is to make sure the website and mailing list are up and running, if you find any information on the website to be missing or out-of-date let me know! Outside archery I'm doing a DPhil in Computer Science at St Cross.