Session Times

Indoor Season (Michaelmas and Hilary Terms)

Please note that our next beginners' course is starting in Michaelmas 2018. More information about this can be found here. We will not have another novice intake in Hilary Term! From Hilary onwards, all sessions will be mixed (i.e., everyone, including novices, can attend any and all sessions each week).

Session times for Michaelmas 2018:

Sunday 17.00-19.30 experienced
Monday 10.30-13.00 experienced
Tuesday 12.00-14.00 novice
Tuesday 14.00-15.30 experienced
Wednesday 6.30-8.30 experienced
Thursday 12.30-14.30 novice
Thursday 14.30-16.00 experienced
Friday 6.30-8.30 novice

Please be prompt as setting up the hall takes some time.


Outdoor Season (Trinity Term, Provisional)

Outdoor training session times will be confirmed shortly before we begin shooting outside. All outdoor sessions take place at the Pembroke College Sports Ground.

Sunday 13.00-17.00