Archery at Oxford

So you’re a student at Oxford or Oxford Brookes and you want to do archery? Great choice! Archery is a fun, inclusive sport that anybody of any age, size or fitness level can take part in, and Oxford University Company of Archers (OUCofA) is open to new members every year. Whether you’re new to the sport or an old hand, you’ll be more than welcome, and we actively encourage both those with disabilities and those without to give it a try.
We’re known as one of the best clubs on the student circuit, always ranking highly in the most competitive regional league in the country, and taking podium places at every national-level university competition for the last three years – even winning some of them! So you can believe us when we say our facilities, equipment and training programme are among the best. If you’ve shot before and want to improve yourself, or if you’re a novice who wants to get competitive and win some cool stuff, you’re definitely coming to the right place.
‘But wait’, I hear you say, ‘I don’t really want to compete – I just want to fling some arrows about and have some fun.’ Well, we do that too! We know that sometimes people just want to do an activity where they can make some new friends, so we have weekly socials, termly drinks and a range of other exciting activities (Paintball! Movie nights! Team meals!) to help you bond with the rest of the club. Of course, we do encourage you to train too, but that’s because archery itself is such a cool thing to do that we’re sure you’ll enjoy yourself, whatever your level of skill and commitment. And who knows? You might get bitten by the bug and end up wanting to compete anyway!
So we hope you want to join us, whether as a novice or experienced archer. Look out for us at Freshers’ Fair, or just come along to one of our sessions at the Iffley Road Sports Centre or Pembroke College Sports Ground (in Trinity). Details of our session times and contact details for the committee can be found here as well.
See you soon and enjoy!