Maps and Directions

Iffley Road Sports Centre (Michaelmas and Hilary)

Jackdaw Lane,
Oxford  OX4 1EQ


On Foot or Bike 
Iffley Road is off Magdalen Roundabout, which is just over Magdalen Bridge, at the end of the High Street (near Magdalen, funnily enough). Iffley Road is the 3rd exit (to the right) if you are coming from the centre of town. Magdalen Roundabout.

A few hundred metres down you'll pass Magdalen school on your right. Shortly afterwards is the Cricketer's Arms on your left (take note for later but keep walking). You'll come to a gate on your right with tennis courts on the left. Go all the way to the end of the path, following it round to the gym. 


Pembroke College Sports Ground (Trinity)

From the city centre, go down Abingdon Road and, a couple of minutes after Folly Bridge, turn right into Whitehouse Road. Walk to the end of the road and turn left down the path next to the school. Go to the end of the path and take the bridge over the railway line. After the bridge, turn left you will come to the pavilion.